Why an IP based system?

Although Rapid Pro. installs many different types of security camera systems, nothing beats our newest IP Cameras.  Our state of the art IP cameras and NVRs offer the highest resolution, incredible night vision and amazing functionality.  Furthermore, these new IP camera systems are super easy to view on your smartphone,  PC , Mac or tablet.  Multiple remote users and users with different levels of access is also not a problem. These features make an IP system perfect for businesses or strata where you need to limit a user’s access. All our IP systems’s and NVRs are password protected.

Why not just go with a cheap system?

Obviously almost any camera system will show you what happened, but thats usually not enough.  Only high definition camera systems give you exactly what you need. Our HD or higher IP cameras will identify the subject, pick up a license plate number, and allow for easy prosecution of the criminals. To be useful your video security system must be reliable, easy for you operate, allow for live remote viewing from anywhere, and record in high definition. Every system we install meets or exceeds these basic video security standards.